COVID-19 Studio Health and Cleaning Policy Announcement | Westchester NY Portrait Photo Studio

As I am preparing for the re-opening of my photography studio, I am really excited but admittedly a little nervous too!


I can’t wait to be a part of your family photo shoots again, but I also understand that I need to be prepared to take a few extra steps for the safety of not only myself but my clients, and have been putting plans into place to make sure that I can achieve this. COVID-19 has been life-changing for many of us, and I will be doing everything that I can to work around it and provide you with those precious family photos in a safe and comfortable environment.


This article outlines the extra steps I will be taking to keep everyone safe during their precious time with me!


Differences following COVID-19

Prior to COVD-19, I had lots of practices in place to keep my studio setting clean and safe for the tiniest of babies. To ensure the safety of my customers and myself, these are the extra measures that I will be taking.


COVID form

Every client will be requires to submit a covid form -Liability Release Waiver.


Temperature Check upon arrival


Extra hand sanitizers

There will be extra sanitizers throughout the studio for use before, during, and after the session. Please feel free to use these at any time during the session. Every client



Everyone within the studio - parents, children, and staff - will be required to wear masks. You will be able to remove these during the session - I have enough to remind us about COVID-19 without masked photos!


Time between sessions

Though I understand the limits that this will put on the number of customers that I can have per week, I will be leaving 48 hours between each photography session. I am doing this to ensure optimum time for cleaning and limit the potential of passing disease between clients.



All payments will have to be contact-free. Please remember to bring the means to pay this way as I will not accept cash during this re-opening time.


The props

Only the photographer will be allowed to touch the props. I understand that this may be difficult for your newborn, baby to comply with, so any props touched by babies during the shoot will be thoroughly cleaned following each session.


What you bring

Please only bring the absolute essentials for yourself and your family. Ideally, this will just be you and a bag with essentials for your newborn! I request that you leave non-essential items with a family member outside the studio or at home.


Previous practices that we will be continuing

Following the new practices that will be implemented, I will also be continuing the same sanitary precautions that I have always taken at the studio:

  • Nobody showing signs of sickness will be allowed to attend the session.
  • Siblings and Dad will only be allowed to come towards the end of the session - for the final 30 minutes.
  • I will air-out the studio with fresh air every day, and particularly before each family photoshoot session.
  • In between each client, the entire studio will be cleaned, this will include fabrics, props, floors, and equipment.
  • Everything that baby touches will be washed in hot water, heat-dried, and sanitized between sessions.
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing will remain mandatory.
  • Only immediate family members will be allowed into the studio.
  • Customers will have to remove their shoes.
  • No outside props!

I understand that for new parents it’s particularly scary to go out. But I assure you that I am taking this pandemic and the effects it will have on my studio and the families visiting me very seriously.


I am a mom myself to two young children. I understand the importance of working with children in a safe and clean environment, while meeting the baby’s safety and need for comfort.


Getting your family portrait photos should be a happy and stress-free experience. These photos will be with you for years to come and should bring you happy memories of your experience in our photo studio. This is why I want to do everything within my capacity to make sure that my studio is a safe environment for you and your family.


I hope to see you soon and be part of your family memory-making.

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